Maternal Love Meditation

A MEDITATION ON THE CHAIN OF LIFE IN HONOR OF OUR MOMS When we honor our mothers, we also honor ourselves. Regardless of our current relationship with the woman who brought us into this life, she is deserving of our gratitude for the simple reason that she made it possible for us to experience this … Continue reading Maternal Love Meditation

Free Vision

See clearly with Yogic eye exercises Some say the eyes are the window to the soul, meaning when we look deeply into the eyes of another person, we can catch a glimpse of their true essence. Our eyes may very well be a window in, potentially offering profound clarity into the nature of others, but … Continue reading Free Vision

Self-Care Mondays – Around Seattle: Indulging the Senses

Last time, I wrote about Yoga Nidra, a practice of pratyahara, or detaching from the senses. Practicing sensory detachment is an important part of creating intentional habits and rhythms that nourish us. And, it helps us be fully present with those sensory experiences that are worthy of our full attention. Experiences like the one I … Continue reading Self-Care Mondays – Around Seattle: Indulging the Senses

Big Awareness Meditation

During extra busy times, we often tend to put blinders on, bringing our focus completely to our own personal circumstances, plans, future or past. While planning for the future and attending to our personal needs and business is good, our busyness-induced tunnel vision can cause us to forget that the world around us is a … Continue reading Big Awareness Meditation