Balancing Opposites

To experience a balance between day and night, activity and rest, strength and surrender, try this sequence. Utkatasana/Uttanasana (Chair Pose/Standing Forward Bend) 1 – Start in Tadasana (mountain pose) with hands at the heart, feet parallel and hip-distance apart, eyes only slightly open. Focus on your breathing and how the breath moves in and out … Continue reading Balancing Opposites

Big Awareness Meditation

During extra busy times, we often tend to put blinders on, bringing our focus completely to our own personal circumstances, plans, future or past. While planning for the future and attending to our personal needs and business is good, our busyness-induced tunnel vision can cause us to forget that the world around us is a … Continue reading Big Awareness Meditation

Back to Desk

September means back to school, which for many translates to “back to desk.” Sitting at a desk for large periods of time can initiate fatigue in many areas of the body, but can be particularly troublesome for the lower back. Good posture and regular breaks go a long way toward prevention and the practice below … Continue reading Back to Desk